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All-Season Comfort: How It’s Possible with LoĒ³-340 Glass

If you’ve lived in Arizona for some time, you know that our summers are hot and dry. Yet, come winter, the temperatures can drop low enough to turn on the heat. Ah, don’t you just love the desert climate? Needless to say, it’s important to prioritize comfort all year round. Not only will it make […]

What Is Low-Emissivity Glass?

Here in Arizona, heat control is essential during the scorching summer months. Not only does it make for a comfortable home, but it improves energy efficiency too. Yet, this doesn’t mean you need to buy a sparkly new cooling unit or pair of blackout curtains. With low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, you can enhance the solar control […]

What Are the Best Windows for Desert Climates?

Living in the Grand Canyon State definitely has its perks. Spectacular views, fewer bugs, and a year-round outdoor playground are just a few that come to mind. But Arizona residents also understand that owning a home here presents certain challenges that folks in other parts of the country may not have to think about—like how […]

Sunscreens and LoĒ³-340 Glass: Two Smarter Alternatives to Window Tinting

Arizona homeowners are no stranger to heat and sunlight—especially in summer. Outside your home, taking precautions like applying sunscreen and wearing protective layers can help shield you from high temperatures and harmful UV rays, but what about indoors? Aside from keeping the blinds closed between sunup and sundown, many residents think window tinting is the […]

What Do Storm Windows Do?

  A comfortable home isn’t complete without energy efficient windows. Think about it: The hotter it is during the summer, the more you’ll need to turn on your air conditioner. But if your windows are poorly insulated, heat will pass into your house, leaving you with a warm home and jaw-dropping energy bill. The same […]

Should I Replace All My Windows at One Time?

Whether you’re renovating your home or moving into an old house, window replacements are probably on your agenda. The right windows, after all, are essential for a comfortable home life. But like any household project, window replacements requires proper planning. This includes deciding whether you should replace one, some, or all your windows at one […]

What Are the Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors?

Have you ever thought about how sliding glass doors are essentially large windows? After all, they offer views of the great outdoors and fill your home with natural light. They can also let in fresh air and open up a room. But unlike other windows in your home, sliding doors have a unique level of […]

Don’t Tint Your Windows: Why LoE-340 Is the Answer to Reducing Solar Heat

When you live in Arizona, summer isn’t just about ice cream and waterparks. It also calls for preparing your home for the desert heat! For example, maybe you’re planning to install an awning or clean the pool. Or perhaps you’re getting your HVAC serviced, just to be safe. You might also consider tinting your windows. […]

A Brief History of the Window

Take a look at your windows. Have you ever thought about how they came to be? Now, we’re not talking about the manufacturing process of these windows. We’re not even talking about how these specific windows were chosen and installed in your home. Instead, we’re referring to the history of windows, and how they evolved […]