Casement & Awning Windows

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency & Save Money At The Same Time!


XO Windows offers both casement and awning windows. Casement and awning widows provide a high standard of energy efficiency, durability with an old world appearance to your home.

Casement windows are hinged windows with a sash that swing outward to the left or to the right. Casement windows give a homeowner the maximum amount of ventilation while giving a tight seal when closed. These types of windows are often used anywhere where it may be difficult to reach a double hung window, for example, over a kitchen sink.

Awning windows are like casement windows except for their hinged top. Similar to the look of an actual awning, this allows them to open out and up allowing air flow from the left or right. Awning windows are best used with the combination of picture windows, to provide the extra air flow and ventilation needed in some areas of the home.