Monsoon Season: Simple Tips to Safeguard Your Windows


 Living in Arizona means living with monsoon season—nearly four months of turbulent weather that can bring everything from high winds and hail to dust storms and flash flooding. And let’s not forget lots and lots of rain.

For homeowners, taking a few extra precautions before and during the season can go a long way toward making it to autumn without sustaining any major damage, especially when it comes to your windows. Here are a few simple tips to help your windows weather the storm.

Trim trees and remove dead vegetation.

It’s something a lot of homeowners forget, but those high winds we talked about can dislodge dead branches, knock down trees, and kick up debris in your yard. If too close to your home, you could be dealing with broken windows as well as resulting water damage.

With monsoon season already underway, you may need to wait for a calm day before you head out to do some precautionary landscaping. Do a thorough assessment of your yard, especially the areas closest to your windows, and remove any potential hazards.

Know when to close your windows.

Summer weather in Arizona is unpredictable. One moment the sun is shining and the next it looks like the end of the world outside. Always close your windows before leaving your house to prevent damage from a sudden storm. And even if you’re home, close them at the first sign of bad weather to be on the safe side.

Make sure windows are properly sealed.

 Monsoon season is synonymous with moisture. Heavy rains, coupled with severe wind, can take a toll on your windows, but so can prolonged condensation. Make sure all windows are properly sealed to prevent water infiltration, and fix any gaps or areas of weak sealant. If water does get inside, be sure to wipe it up immediately to avoid the potential for structural damage and mold.

Consider adding storm shutters.

For older windows especially, withstanding extreme weather conditions can be a challenge. If you never got around to replacing them with a more weather-safe alternative before the start of the season, storm shutters may provide added security and shield your windows from damage until they can be replaced.

Not sure if your windows are prepared for the monsoons? Give us a call.

Your windows are one of the most beautiful aspects of your home, but they are also one of the most fragile. Replacing your outdated windows will not only help you weather the storm this summer, but you can look forward to increased energy efficiency and security—both of which contribute to the value of your home.

If you have questions about seasonal window care, call or email XO Windows today or fill out our online form to get a free window replacement estimate.