Noisy Neighborhood? That’s Not a Problem with Double Paned Windows

Noisy Neighborhood? That’s Not a Problem with Double Paned Windows

Dogs barking, cars honking, an ambulance blaring: there’s a lot going on outside of our windows. It’s enough to keep anyone up at night, but with double pane windows, these noises don’t have to make their way into your home.


Replacing Your Single Pane Windows to Reduce Noise Pollution

If you have single pane windows, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered from noise pollution in your home. Just by replacing your windows with double pane, you could reduce noise by anywhere between 25%-50%. Single pane windows that are less than ¼ inch thick are particularly ineffective when it comes to keeping noise out. Double pane windows, on the other hand, have a unique design that can keep things quiet.


How it Works

Single pane windows are made with one single layer of glass, which results in less insulation from noise. Double pane windows, however, are made with two individual layers of glass with space in between them. Noise is captured in that space, along with the outdoor temperatures.


Added Benefits of Double Pane Windows

If you’re considering making the switch to double pane windows to keep neighborhood noise out, there are many other benefits as well. Due to the increased insulation, double pane windows are incredibly sturdy and durable, keeping you safe and adding to the overall value of your home. Additionally, this insulation keeps seasonal temperatures out and makes for an incredibly energy efficient home. There are also UV coating options available for double pane windows that contributes to energy efficiency and prevents furniture damage due to strong UV rays.


Cost Comparison: Single Pane vs. Double Pane

Yes, single pane windows are cheaper—but for a hefty long-term cost. Over time, your energy bills will increase due to insufficient window insulation with single pane windows. In fact, simply by switching to double pane windows, you can reduce your energy usage by 18% in the summer and 24% in the winter (source). The combined savings of double pane windows results in a huge return on your investment.


The Ultimate Noise-Reduction Solution: Triple Pane Windows

There is an even more efficient option for noise-canceling solutions. Triple pane windows, while similar to double-pane windows, can fill the space between the middle and inner window pane with insulating gas, such as argon. This doubles the amount of inert gas inside the window and results in highly effective insulation from noise—and weather. The extra layer of low-E can prevent radiant thermal heat from the outside, which is beneficial for homes in hot climates such as Phoenix, Arizona. There’s no better way to protect your home from noise and wasted energy.


Find the Most Efficient Noise-Canceling Windows for Your Home with XO

At XO Windows, we have a large selection of double paned and triple paned windows that can keep your home quiet. Our experience and expertise allows us to assess your unique needs and guide you along the way to finding your perfect windows to fit your style, comfort and budget.


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