Interior Doors

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency & Save Money At The Same Time!

    You have many different options and products to consider when building, updating or remodeling your home. Interior doors can have the biggest impact in the design of your home. There are many decisions to make when choosing which interior door will be best for your home including styles, materials, hardware and add-on options. XO Window’s interior doors are available in an incredible variety of designs. From the basic to the ornate, you can find one for any taste or budget.  XO Window’s Interior doors can be produced from wood and wood composite, with hardware options to create a package that truly completes your home

    Styles include:

    – French doors

    – Bypass doors

    – Pocket doors

    – Glass panel

    Materials Include:

    – Hollow Core

    – Solid Core

    Options Include:

    – Hardware

    – Mirror

    – Finishes

    – Hinges

    – Trim

    – Doorstops and other accessories

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