Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency & Save Money At The Same Time!


XO Windows’ aluminum clad wood windows give you the beauty of wood combined with the durability of encased aluminum-clad interior. We have many standard colors and unlimited custom color options available. Our windows will hold up to the elements as aluminum wood clad windows will resist chipping, fading and denting.

Wood windows are often viewed as a luxury window choice; however they do offer the most beautiful design features, energy efficiency and traditional style that windows made from other materials do not offer.  Aluminum clad wood windows are made with solid wood that is kiln dried to tested specifications that ensure long life and reduction or elimination of cracking, splitting or swelling. The aluminum cladding protects the wood windows so that they do not need maintenance painting, resist fading and chalking. They will stay looking great for years to come!

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