Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency & Save Money!


XO Window’s aluminum windows are a great choice for many projects. These windows slide in a horizontal direction in order to allow full exposure to the outdoors. This type of window optimizes ventilation. XO Windows offers aluminum sliding windows in a variety of assortments in order to meet all requests and requirements. We are equipped to provide replacement windows and windows for brand new projects. All of our windows are created to be easy to open and to provide hassle-free cleaning. The aluminum window operating sash glides quickly and promptly on brass rollers and the sash can be removed in order to assist in the cleaning process. These windows are created to provide the owner with easy maintenance and appealing aesthetics throughout the life of the window.

See below for other benefits this window offers:

– Valuable weather-proof stripping and the choice of high-performance glass.

– Long-lasting and high-performance window sills assist in thwarting dust, energy-leakage and moisture.

– The interior and exterior screen options available are effortless to remove and re-install.

– The window’s primary locks offer safety benefits to the entire house or office.

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