Vinyl Horizontal Sliding Windows

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency & Save Money!


True to its name, vinyl horizontal windows open in a horizontal movement. This allows exposure to the air to be available from the entire space and height of the window, optimizing the ventilation available. XO Windows offers vinyl sliding windows in a diverse assortment in order to efficiently fill all orders and needs. Our inventory includes replacement windows and windows for new construction. All of our windows are created to have ease of opening and be effortless to clean. The vinyl window operating sash glides readily and smoothly on nylon rollers and the sash can be removed in order to aid in the cleaning process. These windows are created with energy efficiency in mind, also providing the owner with easy maintenance and appealing aesthetics. See below for other benefits this window offers:

– Top-of-the-line weather-proof stripping and the option of high-performance glass.

– Durable and high-performance window sills assist in preventing dust, energy-leakage and moisture. The sills also help in pest prevention.

– The interior and exterior screen options available are very easy to remove and re-install.

– The window’s primary locks offer safety benefits to the house or building.

– The windows are high-energy performers!

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