Specialty Shape Windows

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency & Save Money At The Same Time!


Sometimes a home or project has that special window opening where a standard window just won’t do. That is why XO Windows offers a wide variety of specialty windows in all shapes and sizes so that you can be sure to find that special shape, size and style that fits your home or project perfectly, adding that custom touch that everyone is looking for. You can sort through our vast selection of window designs to find your perfect match and XO Windows is here to assist you in picking out a design that will compliment the architecture and style of your project. Specialty windows are the perfect way to create a dynamic focal point or striking contrast that pops and makes your project stand out. XO Windows has specialty windows in shapes of: octagons, triangles, arches and full circles. We are also qualified and proficient at building windows customized specifically for your project. We have the largest assortment of window sizes, styles and trimmings all vigilantly crafted by hand for the most dramatic looks and styles.

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