One of My Window Panes Is Broken, but It’s a Dual Pane Window…Do I Have to Get It Replaced?


If you have dual pane windows, you probably already know why they’re so great. Also known as double pane windows, these windows are made with two layers of glass so they’re highly energy efficient.

Dual pane windows are also more expensive than single-pane windows, but in the long run, the degree of energy efficiency will work in your favor. In fact, you can save an estimated 20 to 30 percent on your energy bills by installing dual pane windows!

But what happens if a single pane is broken — and the other is good as new? You may wonder if you need to replace the entire window in order to fix the problem.

Let’s look at the best practices for dealing with dual pane windows when one pane is broken.


What’s the problem with a broken pane?

Aside from unappealing aesthetics, a broken pane poses many issues.

First, it’s a major safety hazard. A broken window pane is more likely to shatter and potentially cause injuries. It also doubles as an invitation for robbers, especially if the break is noticeable from the sidewalk or street.

A broken window pane also defeats the purpose of having energy-efficient windows. Even a small crack can let air sneak in (and out!), which can do a number on your energy bill.

Remember, dual pane windows are energy efficient because they’re made of two panes. If one pane is compromised, the entire structure can fail to do its job.


Dual pane windows are one unit.

While a dual-pane window contains two pieces of glass, it’s not recommended to replace just one pane. That’s because this type of window is made as a single unit.

During production, the manufacturer seals the panes into the window frame. The seal locks the individual panes in place, which helps the window insulate and control air.

But if just one window pane is replaced, this seal will likely fail. If this happens, the window will develop condensation in between the panes, so you won’t be able to wipe it off on either side.


A complete replacement is the smartest move.

Even if only one pane is broken, a dual-pane window should be replaced. This way, both panes of glass can be correctly sealed into the frame.

When you replace the entire window, you eliminate the chances of seal failure and other future problems. You’ll also ensure that the window panes will properly insulate your home.


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