All-Season Comfort: How It's Possible with LoĒ³-340 Glass

All-Season Comfort: How It’s Possible with LoĒ³-340 Glass

If you’ve lived in Arizona for some time, you know that our summers are hot and dry. Yet, come winter, the temperatures can drop low enough to turn on the heat. Ah, don’t you just love the desert climate?

Needless to say, it’s important to prioritize comfort all year round. Not only will it make your home more pleasant, but it can reduce energy costs too.

Start by focusing on the windows in your home. By replacing the traditional clear glass with an energy-efficient alternative, you can achieve optimal temperature control throughout the entire year.

Fortunately, LoĒ³-340 glass can do just that. Let’s look at LoĒ³-340 can provide all-season comfort in your Arizona home.

First, What is Low-Emissivity Glass?

Low-E glass is a type of glass that’s coated with two or more layers of precious metals. This includes materials such as zinc, titanium, and silver.

While Low-E coatings are very thin, they’re extremely impressive. The metallic layers reduce solar heat gain by deflecting the sun’s harmful rays. At the same time, it doesn’t hinder visible sunlight, allowing you to enjoy temperature control and sunshine.

Maintain Year-Round Comfort with LoĒ³-340

When it comes to low-emissivity glass, LoĒ³-340 is the best of the best.

It’s a smart alternative to tinted windows, which are also meant to control heat. But unlike LoĒ³-340, tinted glass absorbs (rather than blocking) the sun’s rays. It has a higher risk of cracking due to thermal heat damage.

Specifically, the all-season thermal comfort of LoĒ³-340 is due to:

  • Blocking solar heat gain. In hot weather, LoĒ³-340 glass blocks about 98% of harsh UV radiation. The glass stays cool, while your family and furniture are protected from harmful rays.
  • Decreasing heat loss. Similarly, LoĒ³-340 glass minimizes heat loss during the colder months. It has a very low U-factor of 0.25, which indicates superior resistance to heat flow. This enhances insulation in cold weather.

The result? A comfortable, cozy indoor environment throughout the entire year.

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